Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday: Block Bash More Half Square Triangles

 Okay I pinned and sewed. I'm not 100% yet but way better than I usually am. I rearranged some of the blocks before I sewed them to give you some more choices.

Here they are.
You can use half square triangles in many other kinds of blocks. Here are some more sites to check out.

So many blocks and quilt patterns use half square triangles. And they are another of my need to practice block pieces. Let's give it s try today.
The churn-dash block uses some of the block we learned yesterday and the new half square traingles today.
This is a quote from the generations - site.
When it's time to lay out your own finished Churn Dash quilt blocks visit Churn Dash Quilt Designs, part of our Quilt Design 101 series, for inspiration.


Debra Kuebler said...

I would love to try to do that pin wheel looking block it looks great

Debra Kuebler said...

ok repost haha not sure which ilove best i like the one square in square maybe not sure what is called wonder if i could chance those two things

Brenda Cregger said...

Debra thanks for sharing. Make them all. Then choose. Or keep for future projects.