Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Terrific Tuesday : Block Bash" Half square Triangles

 Okay here are two pictures on after making the half square triangles and them. I oversized them and trimmed down. And they are shown as different ways to turn them and sew them together.

As I said before this type of piecing is not my forte. But I did better than usual. I cut and sewed two
3 1/2" squares one blue one yellow right sides together. drew a pencil diagonal line then one pencil line down each side 1/4". Then sewed on the 1/4" line. I did a practice one. Then adjusted my needed position to get the right size square. 2 1/2" square trimmed.
These are layouts of several of these half square triangles. Sorry I forgot to take a pic before I cut them opened.
Pressing the seam opened helped me a lot. Trimming one side of the bunnie ears also helped.

Let's go sew them together.
pin and line up seams

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