Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Teeming Tursday, Block Bash - I Dare You!

0kay I have had enough basics (that I have not mastered yet ) for my beginner friends.  Now for the
I Dare You.  Anyone who makes some Fibert Art or Art Quilt or posts a pic of some of their fiber art in the I Dare You contest - gets their name put in for a surprise. 
 Yes it is a bit before Teeming Thursday. But I'm teeming with energy to get started tonight.
I have gathered the following items from my "Room". And everywhere else in the house I have it all stashed. There is fabric, ribbon, yarn, thread, metalics. Etc Etc Etc.

So I'm off to create Brens Way!
Hope you can gather up some stuff and just have fun. For all you Plannies: do your thing , For all the Wing It's. : Go For IT. For Bren: Act as crazy as every. Yippee here we go.

In case you are a newbie Fiber Artists, Art Quilt Maker, etc. I use a piece of batting or interfacing undermy area of work to catch all the messy threads and crazy ways to attach things. Then when closer to being finished I add a backing and usually do some quilting to attach it.

I'm A "Wing It" for most of my Fiber Art. I picked the big piece of fabric in the back as my basis. The purplie gray one with dots. Then threads, etc et etc. I have no idea how it will turn out. It will be what it is going to be. So there is not wrong. Maybe good, better, best. We shall see in a day or two.

Take Errrrr Away!

More later as I get going.
Okay I forget when I started probably around 7:30pm. here is it around 11:17pm.
I'll check it out again tomorrow and see what more if anything it needs.

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