Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mystery Quilt Update to Part one

Hi all,
I will go an update Part One

Tidbit - I have discovered that I can use 1 1/2" squares.
I know who would believe it.
I wanted to let you know before you throw any away.

Here is what I found a few minutes ago after cutting. While trying to find a WOW. as you can see I think the block with three squares needed something. What do you think of the block with four squares? And it does change if you change the angle from square to on point, You can play for hours.

Just don't agonize over them. You will have more scraps and you can make more.

Which  do you think is a WOW or a POP?

Also as a tip. If you received a pkg for the holidays in a box , or have a clean pizza box you can put your cut squares in them.
Keep on cutting.
Hugs and have a great night.

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