Sunday, January 11, 2015

Satisified Saturday -New Creation - "Love my Scraps Mystery Quilt I, Color pop - by Brenda Cregger. Part One (preparing scraps)

Hi all this is my first Mystery quilt in my Love my Scraps collection.

Brenda's  Love my Scraps! Mystery Scrap Quilts - General preparation.
I will be making more than one "Love my Scraps" mystery quilts. They will all use the same scrap sizes. Actually I can help you use any size you have. But shown is what I will be cutting.
Fun things I like are color, making pieces I love fit into a quilt and trying new ideas.
For the most part the rules are pretty loose but each quilt will have a purpose and how we achieve it will be up to you with tips from me. If you are looking for exact know up from amounts of fabric and size this may not be for you. But I'd grin and try it anyway, This is a mystery quilt for those who hate mystery quilts. It is more of an exercise in fun. (Thank me later - or hate it and quit. All is okay. Be you and have fun.)
ps. I expect to give you clues way before you are ready for that part. But then you will have a better
idea what you are going to wind up with. Hopefully this quilt idea you will use over and over and enjoy it each time.

                                                          PART ONE (PREPARING SCRAPS)
General Step One -  Preparing Scraps.
Preparing the scraps. Any colors. (yeah I know you hate this but 'trust me". )
Cut some scraps into squares. No set amount of each. If you like to cut other sizes go for it.  Or if you have swap square you can use them.
  I am cutting the Squares
6 1/2", 4 1/2", 3 1/2", 2 1/2" and  believe it or not 1 1/2"
just keep cutting using up scraps.

General Step Two-
Preparing more scraps. Any colors.
Cut some scraps into strips. No set amount of each. Any length. If you like other size strips go for it.
  I am cutting my strips
2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/2"
Tip: these scraps will be used in more than one Mystery Quilt I. So if you have left overs that is okay.
just keep cutting using up scraps.
Start the Mystery quilt after you get a nice selection of cut up scraps.

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