Saturday, January 10, 2015

Love my Scraps Mystery Quilt I - Part Two.

                                  PART TWO - GETTING STARTED WITH MYSTERY QUILT I.
Love My Scraps Mystery Quilt I , Color Pop
Tip: We will be layering smaller squares on top of larger ones to "show off" the color of one or the other in many size variations.
Tip: strips will be used to enhance color combinations or fill in space
Purpose : To learn colors that  pop.
Quilt Size: Any size you like. No rules here. More info on this later.

 Lay out some squares and audition smaller square or squares on top of the larger square. This will be a block.
When you find ones that yell WOW set them aside and pin them together to make a "love it pile".
As you get more scraps and squares you can re-audition some you chose as WOW's. Keep on until you are really happy. Then quit and make a quilt.

Keep auditioning until you say WOW.
You can layer one , two or more squares.
Another option is to put some squares on point.
This is your quilt. Have fun.

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Ooma said...

This is gonna be fun !! Looking forward <3