Saturday, November 12, 2016

Another Satisfied Saturday

Satisfied Saturday,
So much has been happening in my world and our world these last months. No matter what has been going on we are here on a Saturday.  So what are we satisfied with today?  I am satisfied that I live in America and know Jesus Christ as my savior.  I am satisfied with my family and friends no matter who they voted for in our recent election.  My God, Family and Country mean so much to me. So today I am thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and what new and old traditions will I have this year?  It is time for thanksgiving for sure, each and every day.  I pray we all come together with family and friends and truly celebrate our love for each other. And in my case my love of God and my country.
I pray you all have a wonderful time of love, thanksgiving and blessings. Amen

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