Thursday, January 1, 2015

Brens Block Blast.

Many of you are saying hey it is 2015 where are the blocks. i like to be positive so instead of focusing on the fact we all caught a bug. I will say more planning is a good thing.

So just to let you know my process i will be working on three kinds of blocks at once. We will have quilters who are beginners to experts following this blog. (I hope). My categories will be:  
 + (yes you can)
++ (give it a try)
+++ ( i dare you.)

As the months move along I might add a
!!! (Here are the ingredients, DO YOUR OWN THING.)

My rules are only these:
It is okay to be at your knowledge and skill level.
You only have to be you.
Have fun. (If you do not like a technique, try it then decide. It is okay not to do everything I am doing.)

I will be learning along with you too. So we may have a lot to laugh at.
Thanks for hanging in there today. Check back tomorrow evening.

Invite friends and lets have fun.
Ps for those of you who know me this is to get me sewing again. I love company, teaching and learning together. I am not a traditional quilter, or an expert. My dream is for you all be or become whatever makes you happy. Lets share, laugh become friends and quilt quilt quilt.


Rene Trabu said...

Count me in Sis ! Im in for doing this with U. ...What funz

Brenda Cregger said...

Great. Looking forward to.some fun.

sandiqltr said...

Glad to see you are blogging and sewing again, Bren! I will join in as I can!! Now to go get some blocks started.