Friday, November 30, 2012

Mystery quilt. Oh my gosh I cannot believe that I am going to do a mystery quilt. One becuase I hate to pick out fabric and then find out later I would have used other fabric. Yuck. And I'm not good a big quilts with lots of precise piecing. However, to the credit of a few of my good friends who are good at precise I go. It's the Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street". and it is going to be big. But I like the we shall see.  Since I am telling the world I am doing this "I shall be held accoountable".  I like to get started on things but the finish up is another story.
So this is going to be a challenge for me on lots of fronts.  Help me along the journey my friends.
There is hope for us all.


Sharon said...

I know you can do it Bren....the thing I had to get over was not letting myself get is not a race. If I start getting a little antsy I step back for just a little bit and then I go on....we will be here to help.

Brenda Cregger said...

Sharon thank you so much. Yes getting bored and not being a race sure hit the nail on the head. Thanks for cheering me on.

sandiqltr said...

Glad you are on board with us, Bren! I don't get bored because I try to set up a reasonably paced agenda for working on it. I just set aside a small amount of time; set the timer; and stop when the bell rings. That way I feel like I am ahead of the game. Of course, we will all be here supporting you. Mine will not be finished this year. I had too much on my plate when it started, but I will stick to my time limit plan and go on. Also, I remind myself that it is not the last quilt I will ever make and my time is not wasted because I am following my passion!

Brenda Cregger said...

Sandi,thank you and Sharon I am counting on you two to help me.