Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chains of Love

I wanted to make something using "chains of crochet". A little gift that I could give that had good thought all through it when I was making it.  Hugs, love, joy, hope etc for the wearer.  I came up with the necklace and the beads. Then I came up with the little "chains" to be used as key chains or clipped to back packs etc.  Either way I call them "chains of love".
Please be aware of the safety issues with the necklaces and be responsible.
They are sinple.
Necklace:  Leave long ends free on each end.  Chain 150.  Knot off each end. If you want a bead to hold the two sides together slip it on now. Then add beads on the end.
Chain - Leave a long end. Chain 25-35 depending on the length you want.  Pull the last chain a little large and slip on the ring.  Knot off to the next to the last chain before the ring.  Leave longer ends to add beads as desired.

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