Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Energized and Encouraging

Today is Terrific Tuesday.  What can you do to be energized today?  Think energized. Have things you want to accomplish today. I try (and I mean try) to have a semi plan for the week. It's a list of meal, chores, appointments, creative fun things.  Yours may be a book to read, music to listen to. Accomplishing things gets me energized.  Creating crafty things gets me energized.  So in your daily plan have things that get you energized, smiling and happy.  Then go to it.
I have one more scarf to knit before Christmas. I will start it today.  I am in a paper piecing swap and need to get organized for the blocks for this month. Paper piecing is fun and a passion to me. I'm still decluttering and downsizing ......that is on-going.  It didn't get piled up in a day...so...chip away.
Have a Terrific Tuesday.

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